Water fed poles?
Water fed poles telescope up to 65ft delivering pure water from the van's own supply to a special brush.  This cleans both the frame and glass before rinsing to a spotless streak-free finish.

What is 'pure water'?
Water is pumped through a number of special filters and softeners to remove impurities until the water is 100% laboratory-grade distilled.  This process is called reverse osmosis.

Why use 'pure water'?
By it's nature, pure water will strive to return to it's natural impure state by absorbing any dirt, minerals or chemicals it comes across.  It removes all residues caused by the environment or other cleaning methods, leaving the whole window and frame spotlessly clean.

Pure Water Pure Water
Environmentally friendly..  Reaches previously inaccessible windows..  Cleans facia, canopies, atria and signs with spotless results..  Less disturbance and damage to your buildings and surroundings..  Health and Safety approved..  Cost effective..  Windows stay cleaner for longer..